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Greatest longevity for Dark-backed Weaver

2010-01-06 (39)

A one day ringing visit to Landela (Cloughside farm), between Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage, resulted in the recapture of Dark-backed Weaver BH34002, a female first ringed by Mike Ford on 11/10/2004 at the farm. It was recaptured on 16/11/2005 during a SAFRING national ringing workshop Landela. BH34002 was caught again, this time with a juvenile, on 06/01/2010 (Thanks to Eugene & Renee Cooney for their hospitality!). The elapsed time was 5 years 3 months, making it the greatest longevity for this species in the wild. The Dark-backed Weaver may be expected to achieve much higher longevities, however, as relatively few have been ringed in Africa to date. It has reached 10 years in captivity.
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