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2013-07-05 (386)

The ADU Virtual Museums started with the Frog Atlas in 1996, followed by the Reptile Atlas in May 2005 and SABCA (Southern African Butterfly Conservation Assessment) in May 2007. During these early years records (photos and the associated information) were emailed to the ADU by participants. In July 2010 Rene Navarro set up an online data submission process and PHOWN (PHOtos of Weaver Nests) and MammalMAP came into being at this time. There are now 11 Virtual Museums running and more to come in the future.

The top ten contributors are as follows (these stats are based on online records, ie since July 2010):

    Records   Participant
  • 7564         Willis, C.K.
  • 3135         Boland Project, Cape Leopard Trust
  • 2953         Cronje, Pieter
  • 2415         Sharp, IC
  • 2320         Manson, A.
  • 1580         Grundlingh, Felicity
  • 1520         Oschadleus, HD
  • 1520         Kennedy, David
  • 1417         Wilkinson, J H
  • 1282         Bode, J

The upload system is the same for all the Virtual Museums, so if you have taken part in one project, it is very easy to submit photos to any of the others! The contributors who have submitted records to the most Virtual Museums are:

    VMs     Participant
  • 11         Oschadleus, HD
  • 10         Cronje, Pieter - missing Scorpion Map
  • 10         Underhill, L.G - missing Scorpion Map
  • 09         Wilkinson, J H
  • 09         Archer, A.M.
  • 09         Ainsley, J.
  • 09         Loftie-Eaton, M
  • 09         Navarro, R.A

Thanks to ALL participants for your records and keep the cameras rolling!
Submit your records at the Virtual Museum site.

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