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Ruvu Weaver - new species?

2013-06-28 (383)

phown 5911 There could be a new weaver species in Tanzania! There is a weaver found along the Ruvu River from Bagamoyo (near Dar Es salaam) to Selous Game Reserve that does not fit Eastern Golden nor Golden Palm Weavers. It is referred to as the "Ruvu Weaver" by Tanzanian ornithologists and birders. It was described as Ploceus holoxanthus by Hartlaub (1891) but was later considered to belong to the Eastern Golden Weaver. To see if it is a new species, DNA tests will need to be done on the Tanzanian "golden" weavers (see 'Golden' weavers in East Africa). Three PHOWN records have already been submitted for the Ruvu Weaver.

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