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PAPER: Sakalava Weaver nesting associations

2013-06-24 (381)

Gardner CJ, Jasper LD, Vincke X. 1988. Sakalava weaver (Ploceus sakalava) nesting association with raptors: An alternative hypothesis. Malagasy Nature 5: 129-131

Abstract. Three observations of colonies of Sakalava Weaver (Ploceus sakalava) associated with nests of raptors and other large aggressive birds are presented with an observation of predation on a Sakalava Weaver nest by a Madagascar Harrier Hawk (Polyboroides radiatus). Based on our observations and literature search, we hypothesize that the Sakalava Weaver seeks to establish colonies in association with aggressive birds' nests as an adaptation against predation by Madagascar harrier hawks. Methods to test the hypothesis are presented.

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Sakalava Weaver colonies were found in association with nests of the:

  • Henst's Goshawk Accipiter henstii,
  • Madagascar Buzzard Buteo brachypterus,
  • and with a large stick nest (most likely Pied Crow Corvus albus).

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