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Longevity of the Lesser Masked Weaver

2013-06-07 (374)

A three week holiday in KwaZulu-Natal gave the opportunity for ringing as well as talks at bird clubs. While ringing at Thulasihleka Pan in Richards Bay on 18/05/2013 a ringed Lesser Masked Weaver (ring AE94754) was recaptured. Surprisingly this individual was a male in full breeding plumage, even though it was winter. On 18 and 22 May ringing at this site produced 45 Lessers and all but one were in non-breeding plumage. Male AE94754 had been ringed on 08/05/2004 as an adult (not in breeding plumage then since the sex was unknown) by Rynhard Kok at the Pan. The elapsed time was 9y 0m 12d, a new longevity record for the species. The previous record was 8y 9m 27d (ring AA40221).

Thanks to the members of the bird club who came to watch and help, especially Alan van Zyl, Tina Lickford, and my nephew Daniel Oschadleus.

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