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Buffalo Weavers and Baobabs

2013-05-10 (364)

buffalo weavers map

Buffalo Weavers are so named because when Andrew Smith first saw Red-billed Buffalo Weavers, they were associating with buffalo. They do not normally do so, however, and could more aptly be called Baobab Weavers. Both Red-billed and White-billed Buffalo Weavers often breed in baobab trees. The weavers are not dependant on baobabs as they can also breed in other large trees and also man-made structures. Nevertheless, there is a large overlap in distribution of these 2 weaver species and the baobab, and the weavers do seem to prefer these trees for nesting where they can.

Google Earth Map left, based on maps from Birds of Africa):
red - Red-billed Buffalo Weaver
white - White-billed Buffalo Weaver
green outline - Baobab, map based on Wickens

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There is one baobab species in Africa, Adansonia digitata, six in Madagascar and one in Australia, all in the genus Adansonia. Other weavers that often breed in baobabs are:
Red-headed Weaver in Africa
Sakalava Weaver in Madagascar
There are also incidental records for several other weaver species nesting in baobabs.

Submit any weaver nest records in baobabs (or any other sites) to PHOWN (PHOtos of Weaver Nests) via the Virtual Museum upload site.