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Out-of-range Cape Weavers

2012-12-14 (308)

On 9-10 February 2012 bird ringing sessions were held at Lake Teza, Zululand, South Africa. A team of ringers caught 282 birds. More details of the ringing trip are here.

On 09/02/2012 an adult female Cape Weaver was caught and ringed (CV58372). It was not realised at the time that the species was out of range, but photos (left) and measurements were taken. The long bill (21.3 mm) and jizz meant there was no doubt about the identification. Other Ploceus weavers caught at Teza were: Spectacled Weaver, Lesser Masked Weaver, Yellow Weaver and Southern Brown-throated Weaver.

The bird had a brood patch, indicating active breeding nearby.

The map (right) shows the current distribution in northern KwaZulu-Natal.

Presence of the Cape Weaver in 1987-91 (SABAP1) is shown by the QDS grey/green grids.

Presence of the Cape Weaver in 2007- (SABAP2) is shown by the coloured (red, yellow, blue) pentad grids.

Absence of the Cape Weaver is shown by the two lighter shades of green.

Lake Teza in the blue grid. The blue grid and three nearby red grids show a range expansion since SABAP1.