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"Weavers for Africa" Conference, 26 Jan 2013

2012-12-13 (307)

If you are interested in weavers, the Animal Demography Unit Virtual Museums, or citizen science then consider attending the "Weavers for Africa" Conference, 26 Jan 2013, at Intaka Island in Cape Town.

The programme will include a variety of talks, field sessions, and workshop time. Provisionally, the formal programme will start at 9h00 and run until 15h00. Talks to expect:
Breeding biology of weavers
What has been learned from PHOWN (PHOtos of Weaver Nests)?
Talks presented by delegates
Future Virtual Museum developments
Virtual Museum upload tips
About the other Virtual Museums

Deadlines for registration:
by 7 Jan 2013 - to present a talk
by 14 Jan 2013 - early registration, includes free registration, entry and refreshments
until 25 Jan 2013 - late registration - entry fee (R10) and refreshments will be at own cost

More details are available HERE and programme details will be updated early in January.