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2012-10-12 (279)

In the coming week ornithologists from all over Africa will be descending on Arusha in Tanzania for the 13th Pan-African Ornithological Congress, for the week of 14-21 Oct 2012.

There will be several weaver sessions:
19 Oct, Friday evening: Round Table Discussion - Weavers

20 Oct, Saturday morning
Talk - Elliott & Mtobesya - Alternative approaches to Red-billed Quelea management: mass-capture for food.

20 Oct, Saturday afternoon

Plenary - Les Underhill - The weavers: ornithological opportunity for Africa

Symposium: Weavers; with the following talks:
Michel Louette - Molecular data elucidate species limits and some relationships of Ploceus weavers.
Robert Thomson - Weaver nests as a resource to other species: the case of sociable weavers in the Kalahari.
Dieter Oschadleus - Variation in colony sizes and nest sites in weavers.
Adrian Craig - Nectar feeding by weavers (Ploceidae) and their role as pollinators.

My talk will include some general results from PHOWN (PHOtos of Weaver Nests), so thanks to all PHOWN participants!

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My trip is sponsored by Project for the Enhancement of Research Capacity (PERC, UCT)