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First PHOWN record for Orange Weaver

2012-10-05 (276)

The Orange Weaver is a wetland weaver found in coastal West Africa and inland to Lake Victoria. In coastal areas it occurs in mangroves, thickets and offshore islands, while in central Africa it is found along major rivers and papyrus swamps. It is a colonial species with 12 to several hundred nests although solitary nests are possible. It may nest with other weaver species.

Mark Brown submitted the first PHOWN record for this species. He found a colony of about 50 nests at Hans Cottage Botel in Ghana (phown 3122), showing males at their nests. Mark also recorded Village Weaver (phown 3123) and Vieillot's Black Weaver (phown 3124) colonies at the botel. The Village Weavers had been recorded here previously (phown 2369).

The Orange Weaver is the 60th species to be recorded in PHOWN. A little more than half of the 117 weaver species now have PHOWN records. There are still some weavers for which the nest has not been described yet.

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