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PAPER: Birds of Ambondrolava, Madagascar

2012-09-10 (265)

Gardner CJ, de Ridder C, de Ridder B, Jasper LD. 2012. Birds of Ambondrolava mangrove complex, southwest Madagascar. Check List 8(1): 1-7

Abstract. Here we present the first bird species list for Ambondrolava (23°15’41” S, 43°37’42” E), a mangrove and freshwater wetland complex in dry southwest Madagascar. Sixty-nine species from 36 families were recorded, of which 14 species are endemic to Madagascar and 13 are endemic to the Madagascar region. Two globally threatened species were recorded: Charadrius thoracicus (Vulnerable) and Circus macrosceles (Vulnerable). With 36 species, Ambondrolava has the highest known wetland bird species diversity of any site in south and southwest Madagascar.

Two weaver species occur at the site:
Sakalava Weaver - in scrub
and Madagascar Red Fody - in scrub, reed bed and freshwater wetland, and mangrove.

The article is accompanied by a map and colour photos of some of the birds (no weavers illustrated). The list is based on casual observations made by the authors in all habitats between 2008 and 2011.

Photo left male Sakalava Weaver at nest, see PHOWN records for this species

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