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Birdpix, the latest Virtual Museum project

2012-08-10 (252)

A new Virtual Museum project has been added, making it the ninth VM project collecting photos of biodiversity. The new project is Birdpix (Bird Pictures Archive). You can submit any bird photos with date and coordinates, as with the other VM projects. In particular, you can submit photos of weavers. If you have photos of weavers that are stunning, show interesting behaviour, or interesting plumages, submit them here. Please submit photos of weavers moulting in or out of breeding plumage and in the notes include the keyword "moult" or "partial plumage" so that the timing of body moult in weavers can be tracked.

Photos left to right:
Southern Masked Weaver attacking reflection in window;
Village Weavers feeding at bird table;
Red-collared Widow moulting into breeding plumage
(these have already been submitted to Birdpix).

Photos of weavers at their nests should still be submitted to PHOWN (Photos of Weaver Nests)

See Weaver photos in Birdpix