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PAPER: Weaver nests as death traps

2012-07-16 (241)

Oschadleus HD. 2012. Trapped! Weaver nests as death traps. Ornithological Observations 3: 38–43.

Weaver nests are woven and sometimes loose loops may trap birds. More often threads used as nest material are the cause of trapping birds, including the threads used in non-woven nests, like those of Sociable Weavers. Several weaver species have been trapped in their own nests - literature references are provided. Non weaver species which became tangled were species that are closely associated with weavers: Diederick Cuckoos and Pygmy Falcons. Strangely, there is one record of a dead chameleon. New records of creatures trapped or tangled in weaver nests are illustrated with colour photos, for instance, the Cape Weaver nestling left.

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