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First PHOWN record for Rufous-tailed Weaver

2012-05-13 (216)

The first PHOWN record for Rufous-tailed Weaver has been submitted. The Rufous-tailed Weaver is a monotypic savanna weaver found in northern Tanzania, with a few records from southern Kenya. This granivorous species is monogamous and colonial. Its nest is a ball of grass, not woven, with two entrances initially - one opening is closed in breeding nests. Up to 30 nests may be built in a tree with building activity year round. It is resident at its nesting colonies. Nests may be used for breeding by Superb Starlings Spreo superbus, and for roosting by Fischer's Lovebirds Agapornis fischeri.

The PHOWN record was submitted by Colin Beale, University of York. His record is of interest as many nests of this species (VM 2365) were in a mixed colony with Village Weavers (VM 2364) and Lesser Masked Weavers (VM 2366).

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