Weaver news

Launch of WRAP (Weaver Research in Africa Project)

2012-02-17 (188)

Les Underhill, director of the ADU, was awarded a PERC grant from the University of Cape Town. The grant is to "Expand Weaver Research in Africa" via WRAP (Weaver Research in Africa Project). The launch was held yesterday at the Research Office with the following talks:
Robert Morrell, introduction to PERC
Les Underhill - Why weavers?
Dieter Oschadleus - Dial in to PHOWN

Anyone can contribute valuable information by submitting PHOWN records for weaver nests, especially for these PHOWN priorities.

A new flyer was designed by Marja Wren-Sargent to promote PHOWN - feel free to email this pdf flyer to anyone who may be interested in taking part! Download here.

Launch announced: see here.