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PAPER: Morphometrics of White-browed Sparrow-Weavers

2009-07-28 (18)

Stefan Leitner, Peter Mundy and Cornelia Voigt 2009. Morphometrics of White-browed Sparrow-Weavers Plocepasser mahali in south-western Zimbabwe. Ostrich 80(2): 99-102

Abstract. This paper describes size and body condition of individuals in a population of the cooperatively breeding White-browed Sparrow-Weaver Plocepasser mahali in south-western Zimbabwe in relation to the birds' social status within their colony. We undertook measurements and observations of colour-ringed individuals during two successive breeding seasons. Each colony was organised into a dominance hierarchy, with a single dominant breeding pair and male and female subordinates. Our results showed that males were generally larger than females in body mass, wing and bill length. Within each sex size was not significantly related to dominance status. Body condition did not vary by sex, age or status.

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