Weaver news

Lesser Masked Weaver range in KwaZulu-Natal

2012-01-18 (178)

Mark Brown ringed a female Lesser Masked Weaver (with a brood patch) between Escourt and Weenen Nature Reserve, KwaZulu-Natal, on 22 December 2011 (see arrow on map). This is a new pentad record. During SABAP1 this species was recorded in the 2845_3000 Quarter Degree Square (region east of Weenen). The SABAP2 atlas map shows five new pentads surrounding this QDS, and Mark's ringing record further extends the range of the species westwards in this area. In Zululand there are also new pentads westwards for this species.

To see Lesser Masked Weaver colonies in PHOWN (Photos of Weaver Nests) see here. In addition to atlas records, we need to document weaver colonies in PHOWN to show how species' breeding ranges are changing, to give us additional insights into range expansions.

Photo: Mark Brown