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Cape Weaver chick retrapped 2 years later

2011-12-12 (171)

On 2 December 2011 Cassy Sheasby, one of the City of Cape Town's Biodiversity Area Managers, recaptured a Cape Weaver with ring CV53620, at Psoralea Village. together with some juvenile Cape Weavers and other birds. Bird CV53620 had been ringed by student Christian Escher as a chick in a nest in Admiral Way, Marina da Gama - there is no PHOWN record on 23 October 2009 when the chick was ringed, but there is an earlier PHOWN record for the same colony here. This is now the oldest retrap of all the chicks ringed in 2009 for studying natal dispersal.

The previous news item about this natal dispersal project was also a Cape Weaver chick retrap.