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PAPER: Correct name of the Red-headed Weaver

2009-07-16 (17)

Oschadleus HD 2009. Correct name of the Red-headed Weaver Anaplectes rubriceps. Ostrich 80:121-122.

A new study shows that the correct scientific name of the Red-headed Weaver is Anaplectes rubriceps. The correct name has been used internationally for many years, but since about 2005 an alternative name was used, namely Anaplectes melanotis. This latter name was the first one used when the Red-headed Weaver was first described in 1839 by a French collector, Lafresnaye. He used the name Ploceus melanotis which was,however, pre-occupied (already used) and thus is invalid. At least four recent references use the incorrect scientific name, namely:
Hockey PAR, Dean WRJ & Ryan PG (eds) 2005. Roberts Birds of Southern Africa. 7th ed. John Voelcker Bird Book Fund, Cape Town
Dowsett-Lemaire F & Dowsett RJ 2006. The birds of Malawi: an atlas and handbook. Turaco
Chittenden H (ed.) 2007. Roberts Bird Guide. John Voelcker Bird Book Fund, Cape Town
Dowsett RJ, Aspinwall DR and Dowsett-Lemaire F 2008. The Birds of Zambia. An Atlas and Handbook. Tauraco Press, Li├Ęge, Belgium
Authors need to take note of the correct name in future publications.
Read more about the taxonomic history of the Red-headed Weaver here.

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