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PAPER: Largest Red-headed Weaver colony

2011-08-31 (143)

Oschadleus HD & van Stuyvenberg D. 2011. Largest-ever Red-headed Weaver Anaplectes rubriceps colony. Bulletin of the African Bird Club 18:203-206

Abstract. Red-headed Weavers Anaplectes rubriceps normally nest solitarily, sometimes in small groups. The largest colony previously recorded held 100 nests. We found a colony that contained 210 nests, several of which were active, making this the largest colony documented to date. During a single ringing session at the colony, 73 free-flying Red-headed Weavers were caught including two recaptures from 2007. No eggs were found in those nests which were accessible; nine nests had two chicks each. One weaver nest contained a Didric Cuckoo Chrysococcyx caprius chick.

This details of this colony may be viewed in PHOWN here. This colony was found on a ringing trip to look for Red-headed Weavers but also White-winged Widows and Lesser Masked Weavers - see here.