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ADU Digital Biodiversity Week - PHOWN results

2011-08-01 (130)

During the ADU winter "Digital Biodiversity Week", 23-31 July 2011, a total of 82 PHOWN records of 13 weaver species were submitted:
2 Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver
3 White-browed Sparrow-Weaver
1 Sociable Weaver
1 Spectacled Weaver
1 Lesser Masked Weaver
4 Chestnut Weaver
8 Village Weaver
35 Cape Weaver
20 Southern Masked Weaver
1 Red-billed Quelea
3 Southern Red Bishop
2 Yellow Bishop
1 Nelicourvi Weaver

There were 16 participants: Doug Harebottle, Tony Archer, Les Underhill, Dieter Oschadleus, Rick Nuttall, Penny Palmer, Loutjie Steenberg, Graham Fiford, Ian Sinclair, Arnia van Vuuren, Sue Schultz, Luis M. Arce, Niall Perrins, Alex Zaloumis, Crystelle Wilson, and Graham Pringle. Records were submitted from South Africa, Namibia and Madagascar (see Map). To see all the records go here.
This event forms one of the events in the ADU 20th anniversary celebrations.