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PAPER: Baya Weaver lice

2011-07-27 (129)

Arya G, Bansal N, Ahmad AA, Gupta N & Saxena AK. 2011. Population ecology of a phthirapteran occurring on the common Baya (Ploceus philippinus) (Ploceidae: Passeriformes: Aves). Turkish Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences 35:183-185.

Abstract: One hundred common Bayas (Ploceus philippinus) were examined for their ectoparasites, during April 2006 to December 2008 in the Rampur district of India (28°49´12"N 79°1´11"E). Seventy-four animals were found infested (mean intensity 13.97, sample mean abundance 10.3, range of infestation 1-45) with an ischnoceran louse, Brueelia plocea. The frequency distribution pattern of the louse on the aforesaid bird was aggregated but did not conform to the negative binomial model. The sex ratio was female biased while the nymphal population was dominant over adults.

Summary:100 Baya Weavers were examined; 26 birds were louse free. A total of 1034 lice were found. The prevalence was 74%. The sample mean abundance was 10.34, while mean intensity was 13.97 (range of infestation, 1-45).

Brueelia species (see Figure right) have been recorded from several other weaver species, including Southern Masked Weaver, Lesser Masked Weaver, Southern Red Bishop and Red-billed Quelea.

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