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ADU Digital Biodiversity Week

2011-07-22 (127)

This weekend, starting on Saturday, and running through to Sunday of the following weekend, 31 July, is "Digital Biodiversity Week", with the objective of collecting and submitting as much data as possible into the databases of the various ADU projects. Please try to submit some new records to PHOWN and the other Virtual Museum projects during this week.

This is also a great opportunity to submit any weaver colony records you have from the past - you need at least a photo, date and coordinates for the colony (a nest count and other information would be useful but not essential). If you have not submitted records before, read details about participation here.

We really don't mind how long it takes for data to reach the database, the important thing is that the hard work in the field is rewarded by data actually being entered into the database. So if you fall into this category, please take up the challenge of getting your data submitted before 31 July, so that the totals for Digital Biodiversity Week get a bit of a boost.

We look forward to your participation in Digital Biodiversity Week! The total records and species submitted to PHOWN during this week will be automatically updated on the Weaver Watch home page. To see your own submitted records, go here and choose your surname from the drop-down list.
This event forms one of the events in the ADU 20th anniversary celebrations.