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PAPERS: Chestnut Weaver records

2011-04-18 (107)

Whittington M, 2011. Chestnut Weaver Ploceus rubiginosus, a brand new visitor to South Africa. Ornithological Observations 2:32-33
Oschadleus HD, 2011. Chestnut Weaver movements in southern Africa. Afring News 40:1-3

Two papers on Chestnut Weavers have been published. The first paper describes the first record of the species in South Africa, as reported in January 2011 - see here. The second paper describes long distance movements in the species, based on ringing records and out-of-range sightings. The longest distance recorded anywhere in Africa is at least 580 km, for a bird ringed at Okapuka, Namibia, by Dirk Heinrich and recovered in northern Namibia. Click on the above links to read the full papers.

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