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Mauritius Fody in Rare Birds Yearbook 2009

2009-05-06 (6)

Rare Birds Yearbook covers all 190 Critically Endangered species of the world and is based on scientific facts and produced annually in close cooperation with BirdLife International. The book features the Critically Endangered species in colour, with a distribution map and text on their lives, threats and conservation, as well as features on conservation-related topics. One weaver species is included: the Mauritius Fody Foudia rubra. This fody has been declining on the mainland, and so an additional sub-population was established on a predator-free offshore island, Ile aux Aigrettes, where it has been growing every season since release in 2004. The preparations for the arrival of Mauritius Fodies on Round Island scheduled for this year are well underway.
A full list of species covered in the book may be found here