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Snakes and weaver nests

2014-04-11 (503)

phown 9446

Snakes are common predators of weaver eggs and chicks, and there are quite a few PHOWN records of snakes searching through weaver nests for food. The most recent records are of a Boomslang (PHOWN 9447) and a Cape Cobra (PHOWN 9446) in Sociable Weaver nests. These were submitted by Jacky Spiby, while helping with Sociable Weaver Research at Benfontein farm.

Previous records of snakes in PHOWN may be viewed here:

WeaverSnakeNotes & PHOWN link
Cape Weaver Boomslang PHOWN 572, and PHOWN 1387
Sociable WeaverCape Cobra PHOWN 2172
Vieillot's Black Weaver young python PHOWN 2448

If you have a photo of snake predation on weaver nests, please submit to both ReptileMAP and PHOWN at the Virtual Museum upload site.