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Red-headed Weaver ringing trip

2010-02-08 (45)

The first week of Feb 2010 involved a short trip to Platjan farm on the Limpopo River to ring primarily Red-headed Weavers, as well as other weaver species. Most Red-headed Weavers have completed breeding by February but a large active colony was found on Mayholme farm, south of Platjan. Several hundred nests were counted in the syringa and baobab trees around the main farm house. Some 75 Red-headed Weavers were caught including two recaptures from 2007. In addition, 9 chicks were ringed in nests that were low enough to reach. This is the most number of Red-headed Weavers ringed in one day. Only 394 Red-headed Weavers had been ringed or retrapped in southern Africa over the last 60 years, so this provided a substantial increase. These are also the first Red-headed Weaver chicks ringed in southern Africa (one has been ringed in Zambia). Read more about the trip here.