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Black-headed (Yellow-backed) Weaver in Cape Town

2011-09-12 (146)

An unusual weaver was observed at Zandvlei Nature Reserve in Cape Town this morning. It most resembles a Black-headed (Yellow-backed) Weaver Ploceus melanocephalus. The male was in full breeding plumage although the nape had a bare patch. The bird was observed for an hour. It was calling and flying around Marks vlei. Twice it carried nest material and it kept returning to a nest in the reeds. The nest is not visible from the banks but was photographed by wading into the water. It did not actively chase Cape Weavers, Southern Masked Weavers or Southern Red Bishops but appeared to keep them away by its territorial behaviour. No unusual females were seen.
It is most likely an escapee from captivity.

View the PHOWN record and video clip here.