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Golden-naped Weaver sighting

2009-06-18 (13)

A Golden-naped Weaver Ploceus aureonucha was reported on the Kirumya trail, Semliki National Park, Uganda. It was seen by Herbert Byaruhanga on 16 June 2009 and reported to the AfricanBirding listserver. Herbert writes "This was a female in a feeding flock near the oxbow lake." He also saw Blue billed and Crested Malimbes. The Golden-naped Weaver is one of Africa's rarest weavers, listed in the Endangered category, and has only been seen a few times. It has been recorded from Semliki once before, on 1 August 2006. Semliki National Park protects an eastern extension of the vast Ituri Forest (Democratic Republic Of Congo) where the Golden-naped Weaver was first collected in 1910. See more about this species here.