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Eastern Golden Weaver Ploceus subaureus

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Vm 36571

No of records in Birdpix for this species: 40


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Yellow areas show distribution of the species (based mainly on Handbook of Birds of the World, Vol. 15 - only a few are available so far

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Vm 36571

Vm 36563

Vm 36562

Vm 36228

Vm 36059

Vm 35247

Vm 35241

Vm 35207

Vm 34066

Vm 32718

Vm 32713

Vm 31197

Vm 30913

Vm 30890

Vm 30667

Vm 30558

Vm 29767

Vm 25737

List of all Birdpix records for this species

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2522, South Africa, St Lucia Estuary, Kennedy David
9388, South Africa, Meerensee in private garden, Cox JH & KC John & Kim
11869, South Africa, Richardsbay, Booysen M.
11870, South Africa, Richardsbay, Booysen M.
12339, South Africa, Kuleni Game Park, Tippett Ryan Matthew
12853, South Africa, Town garden, Kleiman PR
13431, Tanzania, Beach garden abd tidal pools, Brown Gary; Fiona Brown
13492, South Africa, At Kaba lagoon, Steen L.
14564, South Africa, Granny's Pool, John White
14896, South Africa, iSimangaliso Wetland Park, Beach Road, Elephant Lake Hotel, Fons Langenkamp
15415, South Africa, St. Lucia Estuary, Tippett Ryan Matthew
15728, South Africa, Garden in Southport, Steen L.
17683, South Africa, Security complex on the south side of the Tugela River Mouth, Mostert Dalena
17791, South Africa, Sappi garden, Oschadleus HD
17903, South Africa, Isimangoliso Eastern Shores (Estuary above bridge), Dickinson R
18258, South Africa, Bisley Valley NR, Summersgill C.V.
20527, South Africa, Bluff Nature Reserve, Rimmer D
20903, South Africa, D676 road close to the Mzinene River, Tippett Ryan Matthew
20915, South Africa, On the Mpushini Stream, immediately above railway line, Robinson DM
21201, South Africa, KwaXimba conservancy along the banks of the Umgeni river, approx. 9km north of Inchanga., Rimmer D
22559, South Africa, Amatikulu Nature Reserve, Tippett Ryan Matthew
22927, South Africa, Estuary Mouth, Josop Quinton Paul
25737, South Africa, St Lucia River, McCutcheon Ian
29767, South Africa, False Bay, Isimangaliso Wetland Park., Tippett Ryan Matthew
30558, Swaziland, Mlawula, Mbuluzi gorge, first Mlawula river crossing, Braun K
30667, South Africa, Ehlathini Bush Camp, False Bay District, Hluhluwe, Tippett Ryan Matthew
30890, South Africa, Hluhluwe River Floodplain, Tippett Ryan Matthew
30913, South Africa, Bridge over Mzinene River, Tippett Ryan Matthew
31197, South Africa, Kamberg area, Kleiman PR
32713, South Africa, Dirt road to Alexandria, Darling Desire
32718, South Africa, Ngiyo Pans, Darling Gregg; Des Darling
34066, Tanzania, Lake Manyara, at the picnic spot , Melissa Eager
35207, South Africa, Umzumbe, Lorraine estate, forest road, Oschadleus HD
35241, South Africa, Umzumbe, Lorraine estate, forest road, Oschadleus HD
35247, South Africa, Umzumbe, Lorraine estate, forest road, Oschadleus HD
36059, South Africa, near Thandalula , Oschadleus HD
36228, South Africa, Tugela Mouth, Hulme Ilse
36562, South Africa, Mt Moreland, Lake Victoria reedbed, Oschadleus HD
36563, South Africa, Mt Moreland, Lake Victoria reedbed, Oschadleus HD
36571, South Africa, st lucia - forests and beaches. , Jessnitz V

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