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This project has been upgraded to PHOWN (Photos of Weaver Nests)

Weaver Watch - Counting weaver nests to monitor weaver colonies

Taking part
Weaver watch on the Cape Peninsula

Weaver Watch on the Cape Peninsula

In this project I would like to find as many weaver colonies as possible on the Cape Peninsula. This will enable a study of nest sites used, and distances between colonies. See also: Is the Cape Weaver population on Robben Island isolated?

The four male weaver species on the peninsula can easily be distinguished if you have good, close up views: Cape Weaver, Southern Masked Weaver, Southern Red Bishop, and Yellow Bishop.
Cape Weaver Southern Masked-Weaver Southern Red Bishop Yellow Bishop
Adult males in breeding plumage

2006 September survey

Map of Cape Weaver colonies on the Cape Peninsula. Closed red circles show currently known colonies, open red circles show colonies that no longer exist. Yellow stars indicate current Southern Masked-Weaver colonies. The primary area of interest is the peninsula (West of the M7, South of Rietvlei), although all reports are of interest. Over 200 colonies (1400 nests) of Cape and Masked Weaver were found.

Acknowledgements (Colonies reported by):
Adam Weltz, Andre Visser, Anne, Aziza, Barbara Baard, Barbara Baard, Barry Schultz, Clifford Dorse, Colleen Stevens, Derek Stephens, Des Newman, Doug Harebottle, Eddie Cripps, Jacqui Miller, James McFarlane, John Watson, Joy Muller, Julian Laughton, Ken and Helen Wynne-Dyke, Ken Sampson, Lizda Goldin, Lizette Geldenhuys, Lynette van Riet, Maria Hargrave, Mark Holland, Mary and Terry Debrick, Merle Chalton, Michael Brooks, Mike Aaron, Mike L-Thurgood, Monika Duss, Morné Carstens, Mr Errol Ford, Mr Kane, Mr Theron, Mrs Bester,, Mrs Daniels, Mrs Leers, Mrs Overhuntia, Mrs Parker, Mrs Sarah, Ms J Brian, Ms Nicholson, Nic Holiday, Peter Haag, Peter Hubick, Res Altwegg, Shirley Hollom, Wayne Dowrie (Seamount Primary School), William.

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