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The Weaver Research Unit

The Weaver Research Unit collects and collates data, and coordinates research, about the weaverbird family, Ploceidae.
The Weaver Research Unit was initiated in June 2008 by Dieter Oschadleus, or Dieter Oschadleus of SAFRING, Avian Demography Unit, University of Cape Town.

Products and courses:

1. Weaver bibliography

cd label (launched at PAOC, Sep 2008). See Bibliography of Weavers , available at R50 plus postage, e mail Dieter.Oschadleus [at] uct.ac.za

2. Wonderful weavers

Part of UCT's summer school see web for costs and registration
26-30 January 2009
11.15am daily (about 1 hour)
UCT upper campus

Course content:
1) Diversity, distribution and groups of weaverbirds
2) Breeding biology: pair bonds, nests, eggs, and brood parasitism
3) The ecological role of weaver nests
4) The rarest, the common, and the most numerous species
5) Bright plumages and long tails: competition and sexual selection in weavers

Products: in preparation
Identification guide for South African weavers

Peninsula Project - survival & breeding of weavers, range expansion of Masked Weaver. See Weavers on the Peninsula and A history of weavers
Weaver Watch - being planned, see Weaver Watch

Lesser Masked Weaver
Photo H.D. Oschadleus
Lesser Masked Weaver

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