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Namibian ringers get-together, Kakuse farm, 13-16 May 2010

36 people attended the 2010 Namibian ringers' get-together (RGT) at Kakuse farm near Tsumeb. The first RGT was held at Wiese farm in 2004. Nearly 300 birds were ringed with Blue Waxbills and Red-billed Quelea being the most often caught species. Not all ringers came to ring birds, however; some attended simply to enjoy the wonderful social atmosphere at these get-togethers.

Red-billed Quelea and Blue Waxbills

Juvenile Red-billed Quelea
Many juvenile Red-billed Quelea and Blue Waxbills came to a puddle of water to drink through the day. Two quelea were recaptured (one and 2 days after ringing), indicating that the birds were not roosting or feeding too far away. Nearby sorghum fields and natural grass provided food for the seedeaters. There were several Blue Waxbill recaptures, ringed by Neil Thomson and Gudrun Middendorf in 2009 at the same site. The juvenile quelea were identified by their pink gape flanges and dark tips to the bills.
Adult Blue Waxbill


The Toko camping site with some large Acacias provided ample shade for camping and ringing. Marc Durr checked his nets on two wheels (also useful for transporting children)!

Special birds

Dirk's African Golden Oriole
Some fantastic species diversity was provided by the efforts of Dirk Heinrich and others, who ringed Three-banded Courser, Comb Duck, African Golden Oriole, Dark Chanting Goshawk, Gabar Goshawk, White-crowned Shrike, White-browed Scrub Robin, Yellow-billed Hornbill and Red-billed Hornbill.
Neil with a hornbill

Meals and hospitality

Fantastic meals were prepared by Ulrich and Anke Hofmann, our hosts on Kakuse. Not only the ringers enjoyed the food!

Birder friendly farm
Quotes of the weekend: "Though I did not ring a single bird, I did take a Blue Waxbill out of a net by mistake, I had a really great time." John Paterson

On our way back Uli sent an sms saying: "We have finished washing up, you all can come back!" (Gudrun)

The attendees! (photo & copyright: Ursula Bader)

Thanks to everyone that helped with this event! Thanks to Anke and Uli for their hospitality and wonderful meals, Gudrun for organising the event, Neil for transport and hospitality to me, Electrorepairs/Werner Bader for the T-shirts, and all the ringers and others for being there. Well done to the Namibian ringers for supporting SAFRING and arranging annual "get-togethers"!

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