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Ringing gallery 2009

To join in ringing events in the Cape Town area, see Ringing calendar

Photos by Dieter Oschadleus unless otherwise indicated in sub-headings

Mist-netting and ringing weaver chicks at Intaka Island, September 2009

Photos by Alan Liebenberg; see news item on 2009-10-02

Field ranger Magazi and Dieter donned in waders
to check weaver nests in reeds

Magazi ringing a Cape Weaver chick and
Dieter taking notes

Field rangers Skhumbuzo Mbewu and Samantha watch
school children releasing ringed birds

Ringing week - school holidays, 28 September - 2 October 2009

Daniel Oschadleus ringing a Cape Canary

Daniel and Calvin Gibbs ringing birds

Daniel with the first Southern Masked Weaver chick
to be recaptured this season.
See news item on 2009-10-02

Ringing at Mocke River for the SACS Junior School Enviro Club, 14 October 2009

See news item on 2009-10-14, photos by Lynne Roscoe

Checking a net in the reeds for birds

Tandy Oschadleus demonstrating how to ring a bird

About to release a Common Waxbill

Dieter with a male Cape Weaver

Hazards while ringing weaver weaver chicks, October 2009

Photos by Christian Escher

Dieter checking Cape Weaver nests
after crossing the Keyser River on a tractor tube

Dieter checking Cape Weaver nests
from Greg's car roof top

Dieter attacked by a male Southern Masked Weaver

Recording weaver weaver chick calls, 8-23 October 2009

Photo3 by Christian Escher; see news item on 2009-10-09

Christian checking a Southern Masked Weaver nest
at Intaka

Recording cable at a Cape Weaver nest

Alan and Christian paddling at Marina da Gama
to look for Cape Weaver nests

Monthly ringing at Rondevlei, 2009

Photos by Damian Gibbs

Young and old are welcome to watch
and help ring birds at Rondevlei

Many hands are needed to ring
Cape Francolins!

Malachite Kingfisher - always a Wow! bird

Western Cape ringers social, 21 November 2009, at Intaka

Lee, Margaret, Phoebe, Eric & Jo (not in this photo)

Southern Red Bishop juvenile that had been ringed as a chick

Damian, Calvin, Carol, Cassy & Tandy taking a break

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