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The Redbilled Quelea Quelea quelea

Red-billed Quelea range expansion in the Western Cape

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The quelea listserver is a discussion group by anyone interested in any aspects of quelea biology and control.

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Bibliography of the African quelea species
H.D. Oschadleus
Published 2001
Cape Town: Avian Demography Unit, University of Cape Town
The Redbilled Quelea is a major pest in much of subsaharan Africa and is the bird species that has had the greatest economic impact on the continent. In consequence it is probably Africa's best studied bird species. This book becomes the definitive bibliography of the genus Quelea. The bibliography lists 1880 references. These are keyworded under a variety of headings, including "control", "ecology", "moult", "movements", "non-target species", etc.
71 A4 pages

Download the Quelea Bibliography as a pdf file
The full publication is available in PDF format, it has been broken down into six files:

Links to Quelea research

ICOSAMP Migrant pest information system

Agricultural Research Council

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Use the search function (free text) to find quelea reports on the FAO pages

Natural Resources International

Quelea breeding forecast

Links to Quelea publications:

Redbilled Queleas breeding at the Orange River estuary Bird Numbers 7(2)

Redbilled Quelea control in South Africa: 1 January-30 September 1998 Bird Numbers 7(3)

Observations of Eagle congregations at a Redbilled Quelea colony in the Kruger National Park Bird Numbers 10(1)

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