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Total records submitted to (and accepted in) PHOWN: 21

Total nests counted for PHOWN: 0

779Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver1
796Chestnut Weaver1
799Cape Weaver11
803Southern Masked Weaver6
808Southern Red Bishop1

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Vm 30866

Vm 30297

Vm 30244

Vm 30216

Vm 30147

Vm 30138

Vm 30119

Vm 30047

Vm 29622

Vm 29496

Vm 29495

Vm 29469

Vm 29428

Vm 29427

Vm 29411

Vm 29410

Vm 29395

Vm 29394

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29349, Cape Weaver, 2018/8/10, South Africa, Stilbaai-Wes
29352, Southern Masked Weaver, 2017/10/18, South Africa, Pentad 3415_2040
29362, Southern Masked Weaver, 2016/12/10, South Africa, Pentad 3400_2050
29394, Cape Weaver, 2014/11/8, South Africa, Pentad 3420_2120
29395, Cape Weaver, 2014/11/8, South Africa, Pentad 3420_2120
29410, Southern Masked Weaver, 2020/8/7, South Africa, Pentad 3405_2045
29411, Cape Weaver, 2020/8/7, South Africa, Pentad 3405_2045
29427, Southern Red Bishop, 2020/8/23, South Africa, Pentad 3415_2035
29428, Southern Masked Weaver, 2020/8/31, South Africa, Pentad 3400_2110
29469, Cape Weaver, 2020/9/28, South Africa, Pentad 3420_2105
29495, Cape Weaver, 2020/10/7, South Africa, Pentad 3410_2045
29496, , 2020/10/7, South Africa, Pentad 3410_2045
29622, Cape Weaver, 2020/11/21, South Africa, Pentad 3355_2130
30047, Cape Weaver, 2015/10/10, South Africa, Pentad 3115_2740
30119, Cape Weaver, 2021/5/30, South Africa, Pentad 3415_2040
30138, Southern Masked Weaver, 2021/8/29, South Africa, Pentad 3415_2050
30147, Cape Weaver, 2021/9/9, South Africa, Pentads 3410_2045 & 3410_2050
30216, Southern Masked Weaver, 2021/10/1, South Africa, Pentad 3335_2015
30244, Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver, 2015/5/27, Namibia, Nyae Nyae Conservancy
30297, Cape Weaver, 2021/10/20, South Africa, Wilderness NP
30866, Chestnut Weaver, 2022/6/5, Namibia, Bridge over Gaub River