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Ageing Dark-backed Weavers

2019-05-27 (840)

Dark-backed Weaver males and females are alike. Juveniles are similar to adults, but there are some features that help separate juveniles from adults. Juveniles have:

  • pale gape flanges
  • a paler bill (with a yellow tinge in above above, compared to bluish-grey in adult)
  • mottled or pale throat
  • darker brown eye

Dark-backed Weavers show some subspecific plumage variation across their range in Africa, see map and brief subspecies notes at species page. Biometrics also vary across its range, but not in any obvious pattern. Less than 400 Dark-backed Weavers have been ringed in South Africa, the lowest species total for any South African weaver species.

Dark-backed Weaver adult
Dark-backed Weaver juvenile