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Chestnut Weaver in Northern Cape

2019-01-20 (831)
A male Chestnut Weaver in moult was seen in Nossob campsite by Lynette Nel. The first record for the species was in 2011, followed by annual records until 2014, and then a gap until this receent record, being the 8th. The table below shows all reported records.

Table: records of Chestnut Weavers in the Northern Cape, South Africa

RecordDateLocalityFirst observerNotesWeb links
19-12 Jan 2011Nossob, KTP, N CapeMadel Whittington1 male BP first news item and papers
[not listed in ABB 2011 16(2):18-19]
214-24 Jan 2011Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, N CapeBen Smit1 male BPweaver news
312 April 2011Samevloeiing waterhole, KTP, N CapeGraeme Ellis1 male BP paper
423 Feb 2012just south of Union's End picnic site, KTPWenda Redfern2 males BP Birdpix, and rarebirdnews
522 April 2013Augrabies Falls NPAlan Sizer2 males BP, 1 female Birdpix
617 Mar 2014Spitskop GR, Upington, N CapeVincent Parker1 male BP weaver news
730 Mar 2014Spitskop GR, Upington, N CapeBrian Vanderwalt1 male BP male still present
& building
7bend of Mar 2014Spitskop GR, Upington, N CapePeter Giesler1 male BP facebook, photo
86 Jan 2019campsite at Nossob, KTP, N CapeLynette Nel1 moulting male rarebirdnews
92 Feb 2019Blauputz Valley near Augrabies Falls NP, N Capenot givenmale rarebirdnews 4 Feb

KTP = Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
BP = breeding plumage

Previous report on Chestnut Weaver records in South Africa here.

Chestnut Weaver
Chestnut Weaver, Lynette Nel

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