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Bibliography of Weavers

The aim of this project is to collect references about weavers. Many references can be used to add point locality data to the database for monitoring range changes. You can participate by sending references, especially if they are obscure or if they are very recent. Species for which there are over 1000 references as at 26 Oct 2007, are listed in the table below. A quelea bibliography was published in 2001. It contained 1880 references to quelea, mainly the Red-billed Quelea. Since then, the list of references has grown to 2778.


1. Weaver bibliography

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Species Latin n
Red-billed Quelea Quelea quelea 2778
Southern Masked Weaver Ploceus velatus 1967
Village Weaver Ploceus cucullatus 1888
Southern Red Bishop Euplectes orix 1816
Cape Weaver Ploceus capensis 1195
Thick-billed Weaver Amblyospiza albifrons 1067
Spectacled Weaver Ploceus ocularis 1019
Yellow Bishop Euplectes capensis 1005

Journals with over 250 weaver references are listed in the table below, with web page links to the journals' contents pages (and sometimes downloads of papers).

Journal n
Ostrich 741
Ibis 713
Honeyguide 323
Albatross 322
Bokmakierie 307
Journal für Ornithologie 302
Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club 279
Promerops 258
Africa - Birds & Birding 257
Some additional journals  
Malimbus 154
Bulletin of the African Bird Club 135
Auk 67
Condor 27
Google books, Google scholar  
University of Nebraska - Lincoln (many quelea reports)  

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