PHOWN priority: Olive-headed Weaver Ploceus olivaceiceps

Are Olive-headed Weavers decreasing in Mozambique?

The habitat of the Olive-headed Weaver around Panda in Mozambique is disappearing.

Birders that have records of nests for this species, should submit them to PHOWN, to help monitor the breeding efforts of this species.
Birders visiting the Panda area should:
1. look out for nests and submit PHOWN records.
2. look for nests that have been submitted previously, and submit PHOWN records even if the nest or tree is not present. This will show the rate at which the species is disappearing, or holding out.

You can help answer the above question by submitting PHOWN records for this species and the results will be automatically updated below (as soon as your record has been accepted).

For the initial PHOWN priorites that were set read here and to see a map of all PHOWN records for this species see here.

Table 1

This table shows the number of PHOWN records per year, for the Olive-headed Weaver in Mozambique.

Year n
2009 3
2010 3
2011 2
2012 1

Table 2

Available repeats (colonies with at least 1 repeat record)
Lat Long Loc vm n
-24.213308721356 34.5066833496094 Panda 14542 2

No repeat records submitted yet

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