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793, Red-headed Weaver Anaplectes rubriceps (see species summary here)

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Record statusACCEPTED
Vm7319 [on-line data upload (2013-10-23): 53342]
SpeciesRed-headed Weaver
Observer(s)Oschadleus HD; Zaloumis, Alex
Country, town, locusSouth Africa, Limpopo, Hoedspruit,
LocalityRichmond radio mast
Latitude, longitude-24.3607638889, 30.8169972222 [0 m accuracy]
Notesmales and females present
Nest count37
Nest siteman-made

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History of repeat colony counts

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vmSpecies codeDateNestsNotes
86779311/7/20110weaver nests hanging from stell grid platform on power supply. no birds around.
195479320/2/201223site revisited - 23 completed old & new nests - many more than the first recording
297979319/9/201221revisited this site 16h00 to 17h00. counted 21 nests (was 19) under platform. plus collected 13 old nests on ground for examination.2 birds flew out but could not get clear photo - plus 2 female village indigo birds (streaks on head & red beak) which returned and entered nests which had chicks (heard squeaking). They hung around & returned 2ce. Nearest water to this site is 1km but orchard irrigated accross road.
304379324/9/20120acrobatic upside down birds. Slip through steel grid continuously - total protection from aerial & terrestrial predators. Spent from 7-10am under radio nest site. Birds shy but soon habituated. 5 males & probably 5 females in attendance - busy site, lots of 'clicks'. Some males building new nests. Redheads attending to existing nests. Females very busy in and out of all nests. Female seen (movie) taking food into nest. hear chicks calling. 2 nests seem 'occupied' both centre top of last photo. One nest very tatty - can see movement inside - feedin chicks? 2 cutthroat finch juvines on top - not being fed, another nearby on tree. Pr cape glossy starling nesting in hollow pole on the same structure.
31307934/10/201227nest count: 27 old, new & under construction. (up from 21 on 24/9) Males: 5 fully moulted, 2 semi moulted. probably equal no of females. Weather: 38 degrees Hot! Time: 07h45 to 08h45. comments: 1. males steal material from neighbouring nests (film of trying to take green leaves from outside then going inside -exits with leaf and takes it into his own nest.) 2. males fighting: quite serious, locked together -landed on ground. Continually dsiplacing each other or resisting material robbing. 3. females attending/inspecting half completed nests - ie maybe paired up already before nest finished.(semi moulted male - maybe 1st breeding year) 4. green leaves installed into half completed nests. 5. Birds getting habituated to man.
485979324/12/201232revisited vm=3043. 32 completed nests excluding fallen, old or new starting bits.(Up from 27 on 4/0/2012). Active colony with new RHW egg shells on ground. 8 cut throat finches including juveniles on structure. Pic 2 shows new green leaf lining inside. pic 3 female peering down. Dark chanting goshawk in attendance - perched on structure [birdpix 1290]. nests 32
631179314/7/201325Revisted Vm 4859 Richmond radio mast. No weaver birds seen in vicinity. Cut throat finch seen using a nest. One unbroken, round, white, addled egg at base plus one 'hatched' egg shell. 25 old nests counted.
708279310/9/20130Vm 6311 revisited. 2 birds, M & F seen at nests. Male busy inspecting nest and continually clicking. Female sitting on telephone wire nearby preening. Male seems to have taken possession of one particular nest.
71937933/10/201334Vm 7082 revisited. Very active. 34 nests old & new.
73197939/10/201337males and females present
76377931/12/201334Vm 7193 revisited. 40 old nests counted plus one ring (see photo). Southern grey-headed sparrow & Cape glossy starling nesting in different pipe structures above. Diederick cuckoo & chanting goshawk in nearby trees. Pintail whydah also - but not seen to interfer with nests. Recent heavy rains.(Visited site at 17h35)
887279312/2/201447Vm 7637 revisited. active colony. adults seen carrying food to nests. cut throat finch & cape starling in the same structure. note the inner & upper green leaf lining in the nests. Pin-tailed wydah & idowfinch/indigo birds seen feeding and on fence nearby. nests - all 47 (obviously includes those being used by finch.)
1389379312/10/201436radio mast alongside dirt road. Comment: 7 adult & 2 juvenile yellow head weavers seen actively building and repairing nests. 2 females seen at nests. No rain or puddles seen in area but water from nearby irrigation. Midday visit. Nests: 36 plus some on ground. vm8872

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