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Yellow-backed Weaver Ploceus melanocephalus

PHOWN priorities: none yet

Most recent PHOWN record for this species (recent thumbnails and full species listing at end of this web page):

Vm 1241

No of records in PHOWN for this species: 2

Colony size

Colony size for this species in PHOWN (min - mean - max, sample size) and published data:
PHOWN Handbook of the Birds of the World, Vol. 15
1 - 1.0 - 1 (n=2)woven by male, lined by female
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Nest site

Type of nest site for this species in PHOWN:
reed - 2

Breeding seasonality

PHOWN Records per month for this species


Handbook of the Birds of the World, Vol. 15
Polygynous, with two or three females in territory simultaneously; sometimes monogamous

Figure above right: breeding seasonality shown as records per month (if available), where months are numbered from January where January=1 etc.
The records are grouped into 6 regions: Safr=southern Africa, Cafr=central Africa, Wafr=western Africa, Eafr=eastern Africa, Asia=southern Asia, IO=Indian Ocean islands
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Breeding distribution

Google map of records for this species (you may need to zoom out to see all records)

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Published breeding information

Breeding information based on Handbook of the Birds of the World, Vol. 15.

Polygynous, with two or three females in territory simultaneously; sometimes monogamous
May-Oct in Mauritania, Apr-Nov in Senegal, Jun-Sept in Gambia, Jul-Oct in Mali, Aug-Oct in Bukina Fasso (Jul-Aug at Ouagadougou), Jun-Nov in Niger, Aug in Togo, May and Jul-Oct in Nigeria; in DRCongo, Jun-Aug in NE, Nov-Apr in Kimbombo, Jan-May in Itombwe and E region, Aug-Sept in C regions; Aug-Sept in Sudan and Ethiopia, Mar-May and Aug-Sept in Uganda and Feb-Mar in Zambia
slung between vertical stems (supported at one side only) in elephant grass, reeds or papyrus over water, sometimes suspended from pendulous twigs in bush or small tree, even in maize (Zea mays) field, generally more than 2 m above ground or water level
woven by male, lined by female
No information
2-3 eggs
dull white, blue-green, pinkish-grey or brown, either plain or heavily freckled with olive-brown
average size of ten eggs 18.9 x 13.8 mm (Nigeria)
incubation by female only
both sexes feed nestlings and fledglings

Thumb-nails of most recent PHOWN records

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Vm 1241

Vm 1221

List of all PHOWN records for this species

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1221, South Africa, Zandvlei NR, Marks vlei, Oschadleus HD
1241, South Africa, Sandvlei NR Marks vlei, Oschadleus HD

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Black-headed (Yellow-backed) Weaver in Cape Town (2011-09-12)