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Total nests counted for PHOWN in this query: 7669071

Species totals for this query:

780White-browed Sparrow-Weaver13
790Dark-backed Weaver1
791Spectacled Weaver6
792Lesser Masked Weaver1
793Red-headed Weaver10
797Village Weaver9
801Holub's Golden Weaver7
802Southern Brown-throated Weaver1
803Southern Masked Weaver13
804Thick-billed Weaver2
805Red-billed Quelea33
808Southern Red Bishop1

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232, 2010/9/19,Village Weaver, Zimbabwe, Greystone Park Nature Reserve
271, 2010/11/2,Southern Masked-weaver, Zimbabwe, Borrowdale Brooke
272, 2010/11/2,Thick-billed Weaver, Zimbabwe, Borrowdale Brooke
297, 2010/11/6,Southern Masked-weaver, Zimbabwe, Borrowdale Brooke
303, 2010/11/7,Southern Masked-weaver, Zimbabwe, Mukuvisi Woodland
304, 2010/11/7,Southern Masked-weaver, Zimbabwe, Mukuvisi Woodland
317, 2010/11/9,Golden Weaver, Zimbabwe, Borrowdale Brooke
554, 2011/1/31,Southern Red Bishop, Zimbabwe, Borrowdale Brooke
555, 2011/2/1,Southern Masked-weaver, Zimbabwe, Borrowdale Brooke
1002, 1993/1/12,Holub\'s Golden Weaver, Zimbabwe, Close to the junction of the Haroni & Rusitu Rivers
1056, 2011/1/14,Village Weaver, Zimbabwe, East of Lake Mutirikwi
1057, 2011/1/14,Southern Masked-Weaver, Zimbabwe, East of Lake Mutirikwi
1248, 2011/9/17,Village Weaver, Zimbabwe, Greystone Park
2542, 2012/7/1,Southern Masked-weaver, Zimbabwe, *Mukuvisi; Reeds downstream from flat rock
2543, 2012/7/1,Southern Masked-weaver, Zimbabwe, *Mukuvisi; Cement bridge
2596, 2012/6/30,white-browed sparrow weavers , Zimbabwe, Near Crocodile Pools, Hwange National Park
2617, 2012/7/27,Village Weaver, Zimbabwe, *Borrowdale Brooke Pond 1
2618, 2012/7/29,White-browed Sparrow-weaver, Zimbabwe, Pamuzinda Lodge
2619, 2012/7/29,Lesser Masked-weaver, Zimbabwe, Pamuzinda Lodge
2673, 2012/8/4,Village Weaver, Zimbabwe, Greystone Park
2853, 2012/9/2,Golden Weaver, Zimbabwe, *Gosho Park; dam near Bush Camp
2854, 2012/9/2,Red-headed Weaver, Zimbabwe, Gosho Park
3119, 2012/9/30,Dark-backed Weaver, Zimbabwe, Vumba; Seldomseen
3862, 2012/11/11,Red-headed Weaver, Zimbabwe, Christon Bank Nature Reserve
4525, 2012/12/13,White-browed Sparrow-weavers, Zimbabwe, Near African Pitta nest at Masoka
4955, 2012/12/26,Holub's Golden Weaver, Zimbabwe, Garden in Burnside, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
6396, 2013/7/10,Sparrow-Weaver, Zimbabwe, The Elephant Camp, Victoria Falls National Park
6397, 2013/7/10,Sparrow-Weaver, Zimbabwe, The Elephant Camp, Victoria Falls National Park
6398, 2013/7/10,Sparrow-Weaver, Zimbabwe, The Elephant Camp, Victoria Falls National Park
6399, 2013/7/10,Sparrow-Weaver, Zimbabwe, The Elephant Camp, Victoria Falls National Park
6400, 2013/7/10,Sparrow-Weaver, Zimbabwe, The Elephant Camp, Victoria Falls National Park
7110, 2013/9/15,Spectacled Weaver, Zimbabwe, Ewanrigg Botanical Gardens
7184, 2013/10/1,, Zimbabwe, River gorge
7195, 2013/10/3,White-browed Sparrow-weaver, Zimbabwe, Umfurudzi Northeast
7196, 2013/10/5,Village Weaver, Zimbabwe, Ewanrigg Botanical Gardens
7249, 2013/9/4,red headed weaver, Zimbabwe, Garden
7389, 2013/10/24,White-browed Sparrow-weaver, Zimbabwe, Mana Pools; Nyakasikana Gate
11868, 2014/5/6,, Zimbabwe, Garden
14538, 2014/8/19,Red-headed Weaver, Zimbabwe, Sinamatella, Mandavu, Msumi, Deteema and Robins
14539, 2014/8/21, Red Headed Weaver nests, Zimbabwe, Sinamatella, Mandavu, Msumi, Deteema and Robins
17555, 2015/8/16,Red-headed Weaver, Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls Safari Lodge
19094, 2016/2/13,Spectacled Weaver Ploceus ocularis, Zimbabwe, Bvumba - including Seldom Seen, Leopard Rock, Botanic Gardens
22067, 2016/6/1,, Zimbabwe, Chawara area of Kariba, about 800 meters from Nyanyana/Pandega Crocodile farm
22496, 2016/7/8,Ploceus xanthops, Zimbabwe, Vumba Botanical Gardens
24686, 2016/11/2,, Zimbabwe, Private lodge, Zambezi river, Northern Zim
26131, 2017/1/5,Spectacled Weaver, Zimbabwe, Newlands,Harare
26132, 2016/7/31,Spectacle Weaver, Zimbabwe, Newlands,Harare
26333, 2017/7/8,Spectacled Weaver, Zimbabwe, Ewanrigg Botanical Gardens
26369, 2017/1/23,Golden Weaver, Zimbabwe, Hillside Dam
26599, 2017/9/23,White-browed Sparrow Weaver, Zimbabwe, Somalisa Expeditions Camp
26658, 2017/10/21,Red-headed Weaver, Zimbabwe, Christon Bank
26659, 2017/10/22,Red-headed Weaver, Zimbabwe, Mukuvisi Woodland
26706, 2017/11/6,Golden Weaver?, Zimbabwe, Mana Pools
26904, 2017/8/19,Southern Masked Weaver, Zimbabwe, Newlands,Harare
26905, 2017/8/21,Southern Masked Weaver, Zimbabwe, Newlands,Harare
26963, 2018/1/12,Village Weaver, Zimbabwe, Sango
27025, 2018/1/11,Southern Masked Weaver, Zimbabwe, Sango
27414, 2018/6/3,Red-headed Weaver, Zimbabwe, Christon Bank
27782, 2018/10/4,Golden Weaver, Zimbabwe, Haka Park, Harare
27884, 2018/10/3,Southern Masked Weaver, Zimbabwe, Zim Parks Wild Life Office
27928, 2018/9/24,Southern Masked Weaver, Zimbabwe, Mukuvisi Woodlands
28239, 2019/1/26,Village Weaver, Zimbabwe, crocodile ponds
28240, 2019/1/26,Thick-billed Weaver, Zimbabwe, crocodile ponds
100170, 1974/1/18,Brown-throated Golden Weaver, Zimbabwe, Chiredzi, SABI/Lundi Junction
100435, 1952/3/9,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Nuanetsi, nr Police Station, S. Rhod
100436, 1952/4/12,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Nyamandhlovu, S. Rho, junction of Gwaai & Khami Rivers
100437, 1955/2/4,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Gwanda, S. Rhod, 10 miles S of Hwali Dip, 70 miles S of Gwanda
100438, 1926/11/14,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, 40 Miles From Gadzema, DLB
100439, 1960/3/14,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Chipinga, Rupisi
100440, 1952/3/8,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Nuanetsi, Mangonde Dip
100441, 1952/3/9,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Nuanetsi, Nuanetsi River
100442, 1952/3/9,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Nuanetsi, 2 miles E of Nuanetsi
100443, 1952/3/11,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Shabani, Shabe R, on ranches North Devon & Inferno
100444, 1954/3/1,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Nuanetsi, 100 miles down
100445, 1959/2/28,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Chipinga, Sabi River
100446, 1959/2/28,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Chipinga, Rupisi
100447, 1959/2/5,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Chipinga, Spongai R
100448, 1952/3/9,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Nuanetsi River, Nuanetsi
100449, 1959/2/13,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, SABI River, Chipangai River
100450, 1961/1/29,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Doddieburn, Tzibizine Dam, Gwanda distr
100452, 1964/3/15,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Chipinga, SABI Valley, Expt Station
100453, 1966/5/2,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Champion ranch, Matobo distr
100454, 1969/5/11,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Chiredzi, Lone star Ranch
100455, 1969/1/9,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Khani Railway Dam, Newton West, Bulawayo, Matabeleland Rhodesia
100456, 1971/2/10,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Greenham Farm, Que Que
100457, 1971/2/11,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Erin Farm, Que Que
100458, 1970/2/13,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Sinamatella, Wankie Nat Park
100459, 1970/2/24,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Dolilo Vlei, Robins, Wankie Nat Park
100460, 1972/4/24,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Deka Farm, Wankie
100461, 1972/1/11,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, 5 miles SW of Nuawetsi ranch Headquarters, Nuanetsi District
100462, 1972/1/19,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Devuli Ranch Angus Section, Bikita distr
100463, 1972/1/20,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Devuli Ranch, Angus section, Bikita distr
100464, 1972/1/22,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Devuli Ranch, B section, Bikita distr
100465, 1972/1/23,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Devuli Ranch, A Section, Bikita distr
100466, 1972/1/22,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Devuli Ranch, A Section, Bikita distr
100467, 1972/1/23,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Devuli Ranch, A Section, Bikita distr
100468, 1967/5/7,Red-billed Quelea, Zimbabwe, Sentinel Ranch, Beit Bridge