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Some interesting search ideas: boomslang; lovebird; fence; man-made; hadeda; wasp


Total nests counted for PHOWN in this query: 295020

Species totals for this query:

779Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver436
780White-browed Sparrow-Weaver1141
783Sociable Weaver3082
789Scaly-feathered Finch22
790Dark-backed Weaver68
791Spectacled Weaver233
792Lesser Masked Weaver259
793Red-headed Weaver228
796Chestnut Weaver5
797Village Weaver1220
799Cape Weaver3063
800Eastern Golden Weaver168
801Holub's Golden Weaver48
802Southern Brown-throated Weaver28
803Southern Masked Weaver7994
804Thick-billed Weaver281
805Red-billed Quelea34
806Red-headed Quelea2
808Southern Red Bishop270
810Yellow Bishop4
812Yellow-crowned Bishop4
813Red-collared Widowbird1
814White-winged Widowbird5
816Fan-tailed Widowbird4
818Long-tailed Widowbird3
3922Yellow-backed Weaver2

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