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Total nests counted for PHOWN in this query: 158

Species totals for this query:

790Dark-backed Weaver8
791Spectacled Weaver7
792Lesser Masked Weaver8
793Red-headed Weaver1
797Village Weaver6
800Eastern Golden Weaver1
802Southern Brown-throated Weaver2
803Southern Masked Weaver1
804Thick-billed Weaver1
816Fan-tailed Widowbird1
919Olive-headed Weaver9

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List of all PHOWN records for this query

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819, 2009/11/8,Olive-headed Weaver, Mozambique, Narrow sandy road from Panda, en route to lake Njakobango, in forest with lots of Old Mans Beard
829, 2009/12/9,Spotted Back & Lesser Masked, Mozambique, Parque Nacional de Gorongosa, Mozambique.
830, 2009/12/9,Spotted Back & Lesser Masked, Mozambique, Parque Nacional de Gorongosa, Mozambique.
1417, 2011/8/14,Olive-headed Weaver, Mozambique, Road SW of Panda
1418, 2011/7/2,, Mozambique, Down side road some 14km from Panda. S24 07 41.7 E34 37 18.5
1419, 2010/8/14,Olive-headed Weaver, Mozambique, 44 km west of Panda 2 km s of Luanze Swamp S24 07 50.0 E34 18 00.7
1420, 2010/8/14,, Mozambique, Near Jefeca
1818, 2011/12/11,Ploceus cucullatus nigriceps, Mozambique, Gorongosa Park
1819, 2011/12/7,Ploceus xanthopterus xanthopterus, Mozambique, River crossing on EN1
1858, 2011/12/15,Village Weaver, Mozambique, Ibo Island Lodge
1859, 2011/12/15,Lesser Masked Weaver, Mozambique, Ibo Island Lodge
1989, 2010/5/25,Olive-headed Weaver, Mozambique, +/- 10 kms from Panda
2807, 2012/8/11,Dark-backed Weaver , Mozambique, Lebombo Ironwood forest
3471, 2012/3/27,prob Lesser Masked weaver, Mozambique, Corumane dam on Sabi river
3476, 2012/3/27,Masked and Lesser Masked weavers, Mozambique, Moamba area
3685, 2012/3/27,, Mozambique, Corumane dam on Sabi river
3686, 2012/3/27,probably lesser masked weavers, Mozambique, along Sabi river bank below Corumane dam wall
5319, 2013/3/26,Village weaver, Mozambique, Ponta de Ouro Caravan Park
5320, 2013/3/27,Spectacled Weaver, Mozambique, Caravan Park near Praia de Sol
5321, 2013/3/28,Spectacled weaver, Mozambique, Praia de Sol
13354, 2014/9/20,Ploceus intermedius, Mozambique, Vamizi Island forming part of the Quirimba's
13355, 2014/9/22,Ploceus intermedius, Mozambique, Vamizi Island forming part of the Quirimba's
13837, 2014/10/12,Dark-backed Weaver, Mozambique, Vamizi island
13839, 2014/10/12,Dark-backed Weaver, Mozambique, Vamizi island
13913, 2012/1/14,Olive-headed Weaver, Mozambique, Panda
13937, 2012/12/4,, Mozambique, Pungwe River
13942, 2006/11/6,, Mozambique, Panda
14376, 2014/11/7,, Mozambique, Seta Hotel
14542, 2009/11/8,Olive-headed Weaver, Mozambique, Panda
14543, 2009/11/8,, Mozambique, Panda
14631, 2015/1/18,, Mozambique, Mangrove estuary of the nKomati river
14649, 2003/6/6,Spectacled Weaver, Mozambique, Inhaca - Nhaquene swamp
14706, 2003/6/5,Dark-backed Weaver, Mozambique, Inhaca Island at Lighthouse
14707, 2003/6/2,Lesser Masked Weaver, Mozambique, Inhaca - MBS
14708, 2003/6/2,Fan-tailed Widow, Mozambique, Inhaca Island, Nhaquene swamp
16266, 2015/5/2,, Mozambique, Tan n Biki Lodge
18212, 2015/10/30,, Mozambique, Jay's Lodge Macaneta
20279, 2016/3/10,, Mozambique, Licuati Forest Reserve
20280, 2016/3/14,, Mozambique, VIDA project, guest house
20281, 2016/3/19,, Mozambique, Found on the big palm tree (Raphia australis) grows along the river. Observed from the main road (N1).
24949, 2016/12/6,Lesser Masked Weaver, Mozambique, South
24950, 2016/12/6,Yellow Weaver, Mozambique, South
26396, 2017/7/5,Help, Dieter????, Mozambique, Gorongoza national park. Chjitenge camp
26490, 2017/9/7,, Mozambique, Gala gala Eco estate
27276, 2018/3/16,, Mozambique, Tan n Biki lodge
27340, 2018/4/20,, Mozambique, The boom gate at the bridge
27728, 2018/9/5,, Mozambique, Heineken moz