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Total nests counted for PHOWN in this query: 103

Species totals for this query:

797Village Weaver4
1065Slender-billed Weaver2
1152Vieillot's Black Weaver4
1187Black-necked Weaver1
3894Bannerman's Weaver1

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Vm 28365

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Vm 7280

Vm 7279

List of all PHOWN records for this query

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7279, 2007/5/17,Ploceus nigerrimus, Cameroon, YAOUNDe - Hotel Mont Febe (Car park)
7280, 2008/12/23,Ploceus cucullatus, Cameroon, YAOUNDe - Hotel Mont Febe (Car park)
7281, 2010/2/27,Ploceus nigerrimus, Cameroon, Ongot village near Yaounde (south west).
7283, 2007/10/28,Ploceus pelzelni, Cameroon, Mile 6 Beach : a swamp
7284, 2008/10/2,Ploceus nigerrimus, Cameroon, Lake OSSA
7285, 2007/10/29,Ploceus pelzelni, Cameroon, West of Idenau some bridges in pall-nut tree planatation.
7286, 2008/1/12,Ploceus cucullatus, Cameroon, Near Dibamba new "quartier"
7287, 2008/1/13,Ploceus cucullatus, Cameroon, Near Dibamba new "quartier"
7288, 2008/2/28,Ploceus cucullatus, Cameroon, Bonapriso - private Garden - (DOUALA)
7289, 2007/10/29,Ploceus nigricollis brachypterus, Cameroon, Batoke beach
28364, 2015/12/19,Bannerman's Weaver, Cameroon, Mount Mbam
28365, 2015/11/11,Viellot's Black Weaver, Cameroon, Mt Mbam