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Vm 26598

Vm 26262
Village Weaver - Senegal now has streetview!

Vm 26261
Baya Weaver - active colony

Vm 25517
Wb Sparrow-Weaver - with many spider webs

Vm 25512
Baya Weaver - old nests in colony

Vm 25411
Rb Buffalo-Weaver - goose nesting on top

Your PHOWN stats and species totals

Total records submitted to (and accepted in) PHOWN: 13977

Total nests counted for PHOWN: 132208

476Baglafecht Weaver118
779Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver1066
780White-browed Sparrow-Weaver5129
790Dark-backed Weaver3
791Spectacled Weaver58
792Lesser Masked Weaver15
793Red-headed Weaver112
797Village Weaver1110
799Cape Weaver284
800Eastern Golden Weaver53
801Holub's Golden Weaver17
803Southern Masked Weaver4823
804Thick-billed Weaver56
805Red-billed Quelea1
808Southern Red Bishop99
814White-winged Widowbird1
1047Madagascar Fody150
1048Mauritius Fody4
1152Vieillot's Black Weaver2
1187Black-necked Weaver2
3718White-billed Buffalo-Weaver11
3754Zanzibar Bishop1
3898Golden Palm Weaver1
3916Golden-backed Weaver1
3934Speke's Weaver152
3952Grey-headed Social Weaver149
3972Speckle-fronted Weaver3
4186Baya Weaver38

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