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Vm 28335
S Masked Weaver - late breeding, f at N

Vm 24722
Cape Weaver - many nests on tel wire

Vm 24116
Sociable Weaver - fallen nest

Vm 19018
S Masked Weaver - fence nest

Vm 18664
Cape Weaver - colony near ocean

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Total records submitted to (and accepted in) PHOWN: 16

Total nests counted for PHOWN: 56

783Sociable Weaver2
799Cape Weaver4
803Southern Masked Weaver8

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Vm 28335

Vm 24722

Vm 24116

Vm 24115

Vm 24114

Vm 24113

Vm 24112

Vm 19518

Vm 19517

Vm 19259

Vm 19029

Vm 19018

Vm 19017

Vm 18876

Vm 18726

Vm 18664

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18664, Cape Weaver, 2016/1/5, South Africa, Next to ocean
18726, , 2016/1/13, South Africa, Hebron
18876, Cape Weaver, 2016/2/20, South Africa, Farm Puts, Gifberg Mountain
19017, Southern Masked Weaver, 2016/3/2, South Africa, Vanderkloof Dam
19018, Southern Masked Weaver, 2016/3/5, South Africa, Dirt road towards Wakkerstroom
19029, Southern Masked Weaver, 2016/3/20, South Africa, Farm Puts Gifberg
19259, Cape Weaver, 2016/4/28, South Africa, Holrivier
19517, Sociable Weaver, 2016/5/15, Namibia, Gravel Road towards Namib Naukluft National Park
19518, Southern Masked Weaver, 2016/5/23, Namibia, Gravel Road
24112, Southern Masked Weaver, 2016/8/11, South Africa, Public dirt road
24113, Southern Masked Weaver, 2016/8/12, South Africa, Public dirt road towards Prieska
24114, , 2016/8/13, South Africa, Public dirt road
24115, Southern Masked Weaver, 2016/8/13, South Africa, Public dirt road
24116, Sociable Weaver, 2016/8/13, South Africa, Dirt road
24722, Cape Weaver, 2016/11/13, South Africa, Farm
28335, Southern Masked Weaver, 2019/3/8, South Africa, Farm Akkedisbult