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Vm 2474
Black-billed Weaver - first PHOWN record for the species

Your PHOWN stats and species totals

Total records submitted to (and accepted in) PHOWN: 15

Total nests counted for PHOWN: 25

476Baglafecht Weaver1
791Spectacled Weaver1
792Lesser Masked Weaver1
793Red-headed Weaver2
796Chestnut Weaver1
801Holub's Golden Weaver2
1065Slender-billed Weaver1
1151Black-billed Weaver1
1152Vieillot's Black Weaver2
3910Ruppell's Weaver1
3954Black-capped Social Weaver1

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Vm 2488

Vm 2487

Vm 2486

Vm 2485

Vm 2484

Vm 2483

Vm 2482

Vm 2481

Vm 2480

Vm 2479

Vm 2478

Vm 2477

Vm 2476

Vm 2475

Vm 2474

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2474, Black-billed Weaver, 2009/12/23, Rwanda, Gisakura, near Nyungwe, Rwanda
2475, Black-capped Social Weaver, 2010/11/18, Tanzania, Maasai Steppe
2476, Chestnut Weaver, 2009/6/16, Eritrea, Mendefera town
2477, Baglafecht Weaver, 2010/5/9, Rwanda, Kibungo town
2478, , 2010/5/29, Rwanda, Kibungo town
2479, Holub's Golden Weaver, 2010/1/10, Rwanda, Parike Mashoza
2480, Holub's Golden Weaver, 2010/10/17, Rwanda, Farmland east of Bare
2481, Lesser Masked Weaver, 2010/5/8, Rwanda, Fringes of Akagera NP
2482, Red-headed Weaver, 2010/4/10, Rwanda, Akagera NP, at lodge
2483, Red-headed Weaver, 2010/2/28, Rwanda, Akagera southern fringes
2484, Ruppell's Weaver, 2009/5/29, Eritrea, Near Adi Quala
2485, Slender-billed Weaver, 2010/6/13, Rwanda, Near Rwinkwavu.
2486, Spectacled Weaver, 2009/11/22, Rwanda, Near Rwinkwavu.
2487, Vieillot's Black Weaver, 2009/11/22, Rwanda, Near Rwinkwavu.
2488, Vieillot's Black Weaver, 2010/8/9, Uganda, Near Kibale NP