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Vm 27423
Cape Weaver - nests at bridge

Vm 25014
Thick-billed Weaver - half built nest

Vm 25013
L Masked Weaver - rarely nests in reeds

Vm 25012
Wb Sparrow-Weaver - out of range

Vm 24949
L Masked Weaver - rarely nests in reeds

Vm 24452
Village Weaver - male display from nest

Your PHOWN stats and species totals

Total records submitted to (and accepted in) PHOWN: 36

Total nests counted for PHOWN: 32

779Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver1
780White-browed Sparrow-Weaver3
789Scaly-feathered Finch1
791Spectacled Weaver2
792Lesser Masked Weaver4
797Village Weaver6
799Cape Weaver9
800Eastern Golden Weaver2
801Holub's Golden Weaver1
803Southern Masked Weaver5
804Thick-billed Weaver2

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Vm 30208

Vm 29652

Vm 29540

Vm 29524

Vm 29523

Vm 29487

Vm 29453

Vm 29253

Vm 27423

Vm 27292

Vm 27291

Vm 26481

Vm 26465

Vm 25015

Vm 25014

Vm 25013

Vm 25012

Vm 24950

List of all PHOWN records for this observer

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Records not identified by the coordinator are listed as null in the species column.
12480, Spectacled Weaver, 2014/9/4, South Africa, Brackhill Farm garden
13334, Spectacled Weaver, 2014/9/20, South Africa, Farm "Noorspoort"
14002, Southern Masked Weaver, 2014/11/7, South Africa, From the road south from Steytlerville
14479, Cape Weaver, 2014/11/29, South Africa, Below the bridge across the Fish river near it's mouth
14590, Holub's Golden Weaver, 2014/12/29, Botswana, Drotsky's cabins
14805, Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver, 2015/1/9, Namibia, Daan Viljoen Reserve
15033, Lesser Masked Weaver, 2015/1/9, Namibia, Daan Viljoen Reserve
16285, Scaly-feathered Finch, 2015/4/23, South Africa, MZNP
16809, Southern Masked Weaver, 2015/5/16, South Africa, High altitude
16810, Cape Weaver, 2015/5/16, South Africa, Naudes neck
17587, Cape Weaver, 2015/9/10, South Africa, Kranskop
17624, Southern Masked Weaver, 2015/9/21, South Africa, Haydn south
17855, Southern Masked Weaver, 2015/9/26, South Africa, Krisjanskraal
18426, Cape Weaver, 2015/12/6, South Africa, Kranskop
24452, Village Weaver, 2016/10/18, South Africa, Connington rd
24576, Cape Weaver, 2016/11/3, South Africa, Hlatikulu rd
24597, Village Weaver, 2016/11/9, South Africa, Off Loteni rd
24949, Lesser Masked Weaver, 2016/12/6, Mozambique, South
24950, Eastern Golden Weaver, 2016/12/6, Mozambique, South
25012, White-browed Sparrow-Weaver, 2017/1/29, South Africa, Bush
25013, Lesser Masked Weaver, 2017/1/29, South Africa, North east
25014, Thick-billed Weaver, 2017/1/29, South Africa, North east
25015, Village Weaver, 2017/1/31, South Africa, Home pentad
26465, Village Weaver, 2017/8/17, South Africa, 2915_2955
26481, Village Weaver, 2017/9/3, South Africa, 2915_2950
27291, Thick-billed Weaver, 2018/1/7, South Africa, Middelrus rd #2
27292, Lesser Masked Weaver, 2018/1/7, South Africa, Middelrus rd #2 bridge
27423, Cape Weaver, 2014/11/29, South Africa, Fish River estuary
29253, Eastern Golden Weaver, 2019/12/26, South Africa, Mtunzini
29453, Cape Weaver, 2020/9/24, South Africa, Goxhill
29487, Cape Weaver, 2020/9/24, South Africa, Goxhill
29523, White-browed Sparrow-Weaver, 2020/10/11, South Africa, Kloofeind
29524, White-browed Sparrow-Weaver, 2020/10/12, South Africa, Layby
29540, Southern Masked Weaver, 2020/10/28, South Africa, Dublin
29652, Village Weaver, 2020/12/20, South Africa, Mkomaas valley
30208, Cape Weaver, 2021/10/2, South Africa, Dublin